Mountain Hardwear

The team at Mountain Hardwear is small, friendly and down-to-earth. Employees and representatives share a passion for the outdoors along with a passion for making innovative, technologically advanced gear. We keep our outdoor knowledge sharp by sponsoring over 20 athletes and using their real-world challenges and experiences to continue to advance the technology and fabrics we build into our products. We continually challenge ourselves to bring technical innovation to outdoor gear and to create detail-oriented design features that anticipate users’ needs. We combine that innovation and attention to detail with superior product quality—backed with a lifetime warranty that speaks for itself.

Mountain Hardwear—Radical Thinking—again and again.

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Montrail delivers premier trail running and hiking footwear for outdoor athletes around the world that expect excellence from themselves and their products. For everyday comfort, Montrail created a uniquely contoured, thermomoldable sandal and insole. Montrail is synonymous with the best fitting, cutting-edge outdoor footwear.

Best on Trail™ is more than a phrase. Top athletes live it and it’s our commitment to them. Montrail supports the places where you play and explore.

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Eagle Creek
Our intention in relaunching the Eagle Creek brand is clear: to energize our direction and core purpose. We inspire personal discovery through travel. Our new logo signals fluid movement and evolved change. Our brand boldly states we are for discovery, for new ideas, for innovation. It represents the adventures we take and the discoveries we make in the process.

“Since the beginning, Eagle Creek has proven itself by offering the most durable and functional systems for travel. Now, we’re unleashing the brand’s full potential. We believe travel has the ability to change people for the better. This motivates us to bring innovative approaches into everything we do. It’s time to get our message out; it’s time to revolutionize the way people travel.”

- Eagle Creek President Michael Millenacker

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The snowshoes we build today are the most technical, dependable snowshoes around, with technology that enhances winter, rather than overpowering or complicating it. For that reason, Atlas snowshoes are the choice of professional guides, elite athletes, the US Military Special Operations Forces and wilderness expeditions. We are passionate about the products we make, researching, designing and testing our snowshoes in the harshest conditions of winter to build high-performance, reliable, comfortable snowshoes for enthusiasts who refuse to retire to the fireside when the wide wilderness lies beneath winter’s coat. Atlas